Seven Laws of Attraction

Here are seven laws which ultimately equate to one law - The law of attraction.

The Manifestation Law: Whatever you think and how much energy you spend on those thoughts will manifest into reality. You create your reality through your own thoughts. If you want to succeed, then you have to think intensely about success, and it will be yours. At the same time, if you think hard of failure, then failure will come your way. So you have to be careful with your wish. It will happen if you concentrate on it hard enough.

Unwavering Desire Law: If you feel that you are the right person to get what you want, then with pure heart and complete concentration, you should wish to have it. This unwavering desire will send vibrations to the universe and you will receive what is yours. You should not fear or have any doubts, because that may hold you back.

Delicate Balance Law: Do not be desperate under any circumstances, as you know that desperation is actually a negative emotion. It will send wrong signals. You must always balance between your dream life and the present. You should not center your desires only towards the goal and neglect everything else. This will not help you. Be content with what you have for the present while holding on to your dreams.

The Magnetism Law: According to science, ‘opposite poles attract each other and like poles repel’. But this is not so in the case of law of attraction. Whatever type of energy we emit is the same energy that we attract. The energy may be positive or negative.

Synchronization Law: The Universe has offered us many things and it is in our hands to utilize them properly. You are a part of the whole and not the whole itself. So bear in mind that you have to be in harmony with the ‘Giver’ and not go against him. This is synchronization.

Universal Influence Law: You cannot take anything for granted. The most harmless deed can have its influence. Since all human beings are connected, what one does affects the other. Since you are glowing with energy and it vibrates, this vibration is carried out. Others follow it and pick it up.

Conscientious Action Law: This law says that as you sow, so shall you reap. You have to be dignified in your action and only this will bring in plenty of rewards.

Live your life harmonizing the Seven Laws of Attraction. Always think and feel positively, and purposefully. You will attract only the best things. Success and felicity will be yours.



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