"Embracing Change" by Tony Buzan

In this book, Tony Buzan, as usual, reiterates his favourite techniques like Mind Maps, TEFCAS, Radian Thinking, etc. If you've read other books by Tony Buzan, you may find parts of this book monotonous, uninteresting and not engaging readers' interest. However, there were valuable thought worth consideration in the other parts of the book.

Everything changes around us. According to Darwin, neither the strongest nor the smartest species will survive but that will be able to adapt to the changes of the environment. If we resist changing, we will be at a loss. Procrastination is a form of resistance to change. The body may be the first thing that we postpone taking care of. If we are unfit and our nourishment is poor, all our energy levels will slide. We will become stagnant: in the sense of becoming unmoving, unchanging, our changing towards becoming more unchanging! A body that is stagnant will eventually corrupt itself, It will disrupt the immune system, lose its ability to self-heal, will have no freedom of will, no ability to act to preserve its goal and its ability to change.


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