"First Things First" by Stephen Covey

Dr Covey appears to have worked out life to a mint here - how to organize every second of your life to what you want to do, and how to make decisions based on what you set yourself. He starts from the roots - and tells you how to lead yourself to form your character, with a singular mission in life based on your values, which form the secondary base of the leadership principles he describes. It's a complicated process which needs all 368 pages to explain, and a lot of effort to start the ball rolling if you are serious about your life.

It seems you might as well call this book 'how to live'. But - one problem - doesn't what you value in life (the base upon which his life leading strategy lies upon), change over time - so what you achieve from using this book will depend upon when you start using it. Or do your values only change over time if you have not set yourself values to stick to? It's very complicated.

But enough philosophy - this book is definitely worth a serious look. It teaches how to live with honesty and integrity, out of which personal worth is produced. Just don't think about it too hard.


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