The way of the dictator is never the way of freedom, not even for the dictator. Forcing one's will on others by any means whatever robs one of his own independence.

The willful effort to influence or control another either by subtle hidden means or aggressive open warfare deprives that individual of his own inner freedom, rather than those he tries to dominate.

Conversely—fearing, fighting, resisting an aggressor is not the final way to protect one's freedom. It uses the same methods as the aggressor and thus individual independence disappears.

FREEDOM comes from within and therefore it is safe from violation. It is neither given nor taken from outside itself. It is the knowledge of TRUTH that constitutes freedom and that is "an inside job." No one can bestow it on you, no one can deprive you of it.

The TRUTH unfolds within each individual. The only place one ever knows or finds God is in his own consciousness, his own thought. Everything about God is hearsay until within oneself a person FEELS the divine Presence. With that Presence comes the TRUTH that makes one free.

When you have learned that the actual substance of your body is energy or force (from the physicists' standpoint) and have come to know through revelation that this energy of which your body is composed is MIND-SUBSTANCE taking form, then fear of what others can do to you vanishes. When you know yourself to be the individualized appearing of the LIFE-PRINCIPLE, universal MIND, then today's great terror, the fear of atomic warfare, can cease to touch you.

But a merely intellectual grasp of this is not enough to banish fear, not enough to establish freedom. In one's very heart must come the certitude that LOVE is the only real power, "the greatest thing in the world."

When you are able to express the unselfed fearlessness of universal love in your daily living you find this love to be the only law that governs you. Love lived in everyday affairs is the law of GOOD WILL coming back to you under all circumstances. Love lived with simplicity, humility, integrity, spells freedom of a sort that needs no protection from evil forces, for it voids these forces as surely as light dispels darkness. Love lived will teach you the meaning of freedom.

Love lived is your passport (the only one accepted) that gives safe conduct from negative to positive living.

When negative thinking is left behind it becomes impossible to experience negative living. This is the law to one's life. This is the law of the supremely loving and intelligent MIND of the universe and it sets aside the human laws of negative processes.

This is an individual experience. Your safety is not at the mercy of the world's outmoded reactionary methods ... unless you employ these methods yourself. Your life is not in the hands of negative thinking and motives ... unless you keep it there. Your worthwhile achievements, your joy of living cannot be sullied because others wallow in the mud ... unless you join them.

The measure of your response to the negative pull defines the measure of your involvement in negative conditions—hate, fear, war, deprivation, sickness, death, et cetera, et cetera.

When you go beyond a negative mentality, finding the universal MIND to be habitually your very own, it becomes an actual impossibility for you to go back into negative processes ... just as the printed picture cannot become an undeveloped film. When a negative stage has been fully and finally worked out into the positive reality one can never return to that negative. Thus one becomes no more the helpless victim of other people's willful actions than light is subject to darkness.

In a state of darkness everything is dark but the instant light appears the darkness vanishes, effortlessly, inevitably.

Non-resistance in its true sense does not mean spineless acceptance of evil. Non-resistance really means full acceptance of the presence and power of GOOD. This means accepting all that appears and accepting it as GOOD APPEARING no matter what form it seems to take. This is the method and action of light—illuming everything that comes into its presence.

And in the spiritual LIGHT which accepts all that comes as GOOD, the darkness of an evil presence or condition is gone—GOOD is seen and experienced then and there.

This divine ACCEPTANCE of everything that appears, the acceptance of GOOD as all that is going on, will define what happens; it will dispel the possibility of evil taking place. In this divine ACCEPTANCE the three trouble-makers of the human intellect, opinions, decisions and will power, have no place whatever.

REAL ACCEPTANCE BRINGS REAL FREEDOM. In this ACCEPTANCE there is no outlining of results and no judgment as to what is right or wrong. True spirituality is the fact about everything and everyone. True spirituality knows the ALLNESS of GOOD in which is no need for moral judgment. The positive fact (about which morality is the negative) is limitless goodness without a shadow of darkness, without a question of good and evil, but simply GOOD ALONE without an opposite or an oppose. freedom does not have to be protected, it has to be lived.


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