Using Fiery Motivation in Business

What is the stress?

In the workplace, you have to deal with coworkers, bosses, customers, working environment and the tasks involved. These external stressors affect you in different ways namely:

1. Coworkers. You are working together with other competitive individuals who surely have higher objectives just like you. You have to create a balance between being a team player to be productive for the company and personally making yourself stand out amidst competition.

2. Bosses. The boss stimulates you in a variety of ways which basically make you conform according to his standard, not yours. This, of course, leads to stress as you feel that you have no control over the environment he commands.

3. Customers. What your customers want may not be exactly how you want things done. Again, your control becomes dependent on the demands set by the customer. Your conflicting thoughts and feelings toward the customer’s decisions are particularly distracting.

4. Working environment. The way you do your job can be determined to an extent by the environment you’re working in. If the workplace becomes somewhat unpredictable or filled with tension, it can affect your performance as well.

5. Tasks involved. This is your actual job. When you are assigned a task for the first time or one that requires you to gain more skills and understanding, you may feel incompetent.

How do you control the environment?

1. Control the people. In the workplace, your reputation and integrity depend on how much you know and are capable of doing. Trust is important when dealing with bosses and clients. If they sense that you have full knowledge and are more than able to do the task and satisfy their needs, they will allow you to take control. Upgrade your skills and knowledge any way you can.

2. Control the workplace. Do some organizing to set your priorities straight. Fix your desk, set specific schedules and coordinate with your coworkers. If you establish meaningful working relationships with the people around you, they’ll most likely let you work in peace.

3. Control the job. If you feel that you don’t know much about the tasks at hand, don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn. Study constantly, upgrade your knowledge and be equipped with the skills required to finish the job the best way you can.

What is the Goal and Response?
Your primary goal is to perform to the fullest of your abilities in the workplace. Your primary motivation is to develop trust with people at work through meaningful working relationships and to gain a sense of accomplishment and competence by meeting the demands of your job. Your secondary goal is to earn a salary to meet your basic needs. The response in order to perform effectively is to gain knowledge and skills to qualify for the tasks and do a job well.


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