3 Simple Steps to Unleash the Magic Power of Goals

This is one of the most important secrets of life in physical reality. Have you ever wished that you could rub a lantern, release a genie and have all your dreams come true? That genie lives inside your brain, waiting to be awakened by the forceful commitment to your goals.

Remember this: your subconscious mind is the servant of your conscious thoughts. You have drawn to yourself all of the events and conditions of your life according to your beliefs and decisions. And remember this, for it has been proven time and time again: whatever you honestly believe about the world, your subconscious mind will draw to you in your reality. As simplistic as this sounds, it is true. Believe that you are poor, and you will experience lack; believe that you are blessed with prosperity, and abundance will magically flow to you. Skeptical you should be. But before you dismiss these truths, give it a shot, for you will be honestly shocked by the results.

There are simple, definite steps to follow in order to convince your mind to manifest your desires.
1. Decide precisely what you want. 
The more specific you are, the easier it is for your subconscious mind to serve up what you desire. If, for example, you want a new job, decide exactly what you want to be doing, how much you will earn, and where you will work. Of course, you will always leave the details open to change, but this exercise convinces your subconscious that you are at least serious about your desires.

2. Write down your goal. 
The act of writing down your goal serves to clarify exactly what you want. It has been proven time and time again that people with written goals are far more successful in reaching them.

3. Repeat this goal to yourself several times throughout the day. 
Create a short statement of your goal which you can imprint onto your mind whenever you get the chance. Simply begin with the phrase “I am now attracting...” and add your goal to the end. Or try “I am blessed with...” and add whatever you desire. You don’t even have to believe this will work. Simply repeat it to yourself whenever you have a spare moment and wait for the magic to begin.


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