Quotes About Status

The difference between a man and his valet: they both smoke the same cigars, but only one pays for them.
Robert Frost

All men are born equal, but quite a few eventually get over it.
Lord Mancroft

Soldiers win battles and generals get the credit.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Many of the quests for status symbols—the hot automobile, the best table in a restaurant or a private chat with the boss—are shadowy reprises of infant anxieties. . . . The larger office, the corner space, the extra window are the teddy bears and tricycles of adult office life.
Willard Gaylin

A status symbol is anything you can’t afford, but did.
Harold Coffin

Status symbols are medals you buy yourself.
Bernhard Wicki

Advertising promotes that divine discontent which makes people strive to improve their economic status.
Ralph Butler



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