58 Leadership Secrets of Jesus Christ

1. Jesus was a problem-solver

2. Jesus believed in his product

3. Jesus never misrepresented his product

4. Jesus went where the people were

5. Jesus took time to rest

6. Jesus took time to plan

7. Jesus knew he did not have to close every sale
    to be a success

8. Jesus had something others needed

9. Jesus was concerned about people's finances

10. Jesus was willing to go where he had never been before

11. Jesus never allowed what others said about him
    to change his opinion of himself

12. Jesus understood timing and preparation

13. Jesus developed a passion for his goals

14. Jesus respected authority

15. Jesus never discriminated

16. Jesus offered incentives

17. Jesus overcame the stigma of a questionable background

18. Jesus never wasted time answering critics

19. Jesus knew that there was a right time and a wrong time
      to approach people

20. Jesus educated those he mentored

21. Jesus refused to be discouraged when others misjudged
      his motives

22. Jesus refused to be bitter when others were disloyal
      or betrayed him

23. Jesus networked with people of all backgrounds

24. Jesus resisted temptation

25. Jesus made decisions that created a desired future instead
      of a desired present

26. Jesus never judged people by their outward appearance

27. Jesus recognized the law of repetition

28. Jesus was a tomorrow-thinker

29. Jesus knew that money alone could not bring contentment

30. Jesus knew the power of words and the power of silence

31. Jesus knew when you want something you have never had,
      you have to do something you have never done

32. Jesus permitted others to correct their mistakes

33. Jesus knew his worth

34. Jesus never tried to succeed alone

35. Jesus knew that money is anywhere you really want it to be

36. Jesus set specific goals

37. Jesus knew that every great achievement requires
      a willingness to begin small

38. Jesus hurt when others hurt

39. Jesus was not afraid to show his feelings

40. Jesus knew the power of habit

41. Jesus finished what he started

42. Jesus was knowledgeable of Scripture

43. Jesus never hurried

44. Jesus went where he was celebrated instead of where
      he was tolerated

45. Jesus constantly consulted his Heavenly Father

46. Jesus knew that prayer generates results

47. Jesus rose early

48. Jesus never felt he had to prove himself anyone

49. Jesus avoided unnecessary confrontations

50. Jesus delegated

51. Jesus carefully guarded his presonal schedule

52. Jesus asked questions to accurately determine the
      needs and desires of others

53. Jesus always answered truthfully

54. Jesus stayed in the center of his expertise

55. Jesus accepted the responsibility for the mistakes of
      those under his authority

56. Jesus pursued the mentorship of more experienced men

57. Jesus did not permit those he led to show disrespect

58. Jesus respected the Law of Sowing and Reaping


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