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What is Innovation?

Descriptions: Discussion of the essential difference between invention and innovation, and the important role played by commercialization in innovation.

Our Instructor: Bill Aulet

In the last section, we talked about the two types of entrepreneurship, innovation-driven entrepreneurship and Small, Medium Enterprise, or SME entrepreneurship. In this section, we're going to talk about, what is innovation? Because that's fundamental to what we're going to do going forward.

So what is innovation? At MIT, we like equations. So we like to define innovation. And this comes from one of my first classes at MIT from Ed Roberts, the chairman of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. And he defined entrepreneurship in a way that I thought was excellent.

He said, "Innovation equals invention." And let me just stop here. Innovation equals invention. Often people mistake these two things for the same thing.

Innovation equals invention. They are not. Innovation is something that generates value for the world. It makes something faster, better, cheaper. It gives someone some great satisfaction.

An invention is an idea, a technology, a patent. In and of itself, it does not generate value. So these two are not the same thing.

And sometimes you see them interchange. And that's not correct. So innovation equals invention times commercialization.

And when we look at this equation of innovation, something of value, it requires a new idea. And then, it requires someone or some organization that is going to commercialize that idea and to make it a value to the world. So it's important to understand that an idea by itself is not valuable.

Ideas are cheap. Is the commercialization when combined with it that makes them extraordinarily valuable. So while sometimes when I used to say invention plus commercialization, in fact, it's times.

It's a product because if I don't have one, then it's zero. Then, I have no innovation. If I have no new idea, I can't commercialize anything.

Therefore, it's zero. If I have an invention and no commercialization, I have no innovation as well. So it's actually a product.

And we found this very, very helpful to help explain to people what is innovation when we're talking about innovation-driven entrepreneurship. So next, I want to talk about, what drives this? When we look at the idea, people think that this drives innovation.

It's, in fact, the commercialization aspect of it that's very, very difficult. If you look at the most innovative company in the world today, which I would argue is Apple, the underlying inventions that created Apple, great innovations starting with the Mac, did not come from themselves. It actually came from Xerox PARC. It was windows, icon, mouse, pointer.

That invention, they commercialized to create innovation, which created terrific value in the marketplace and for their customers and for themselves, their investors as well. Likewise after that, you look again that the invention for the underlying and enabling idea, technology from the iPod was MP3, which did not come from Apple, again. That came from Fraunhofer.

But what Apple was terrific at was commercialization to create innovation and, again, to create great value for their customers and their shareholders. So this definition of innovation we found very, very helpful to make clear that innovation is a combination of a new idea, a new technology. But then, it has to be commercialized and mapped to some customer in the real world where it will generate value.

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The Law of Abundance

By creating visualizations of abundance in our lives we draw this energy of success into  our reality. Success or abundance does not only apply to money.

There is success in  communication, spirituality, relationships and so on. When creating the abundance of financial gain remember to be IN this world, but not OF this world. We are not the sum  total of your possessions.


Transformation Taking Place Now

The way you handle this very moment might mean nothing for you today, but in reality, each present moment is an opportunity to change your life. It all starts with one decision.  

Maybe you’re now reading this book and wondering if you could learn how to play the guitar. It’s only in this present moment that you can decide to stop reading and head to a music store, buy a guitar and start learning.  

In the very same moment you might glance at a bag of chips on your lap and instead of finishing it off, close it and put it in the trash.  

When you’re going about your day, each little choice subtly affects your future. Each repetition of a negative habit reinforces it, while each repetition of a positive habit makes it more likely you’ll engage in it again in the future.  

Personal transformation doesn’t happen in the future it’s happening now. How are you making sure that you’re transforming in the right direction?

Quotes About Awards

People with honorary awards are looked upon with disfavor.  Would you let an honorary mechanic fix your brand-new Mercedes?
Neil Simon

God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars.
Elbert Hubbard

Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us.
Ecclesiasticus 44:1

Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best.
Max Beerbohm

Whenever the occasion arose, he rose to the occasion.
Jonathan Brown, on Diego Velazquez


What is Entrepreneurship

Descriptions: In this video, two dramatically different types of entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprise Entrepreneurship (SME) and Innovation Driven Enterprise Entrepreneurship (IDE) are discussed as well as what this distinction means for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our Instructor: Bill Aulet

Hi. My name is Bill Aulet. I'm going to talk about disciplined entrepreneurship-- 24 steps to successfully launching a new venture. What I'm going to start with is, what is entrepreneurship? Because this term is used all the time. It's bandied about. Everyone's for entrepreneurship. However, there's two fundamentally different types of entrepreneurship that I want to talk about.

First of all, we have entrepreneurship. We have what we'll call SME entrepreneurship. SME stands for Small Medium Enterprise entrepreneurship. These are fundamentally small companies that will stay small, and they may have been around for a while. They're focused on local markets. They're often service businesses that are servicing a local opportunity, but they're not something that's looking to go global. They know there's a need local. They want to address that. This could be a dry cleaner. This could be a nail salon. This could be a restaurant or a pizza parlor as we reference in the paper that Fiona Murray and I wrote.

These are fundamentally important companies to an economy and a region because they serve a need. But relative to the way they're made up is the system that they create is one that shows kind of linear growth, and then at some point it usually taps out of the market. Now, this is an approximation of what goes on. But that's what it usually look like-- linear growth.

But you notice that if this is cash flow here from the business, that there's not a tremendous amount of cash flow out. Again, a simplification.

However, when we go to IDEs over here, which I will call Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship or Innovation Driven Enterprise Entrepreneurship, we have a fundamentally different business. This one is looking for global markets or super regional markets to serve. And while this one is usually owner-- the owner is usually maintaining control of it. This one is going to require more cash because the dynamics of this business look-- it loses money and then it's going to start showing exponential growth.

So there's this negative cash flow here. This is cash flow on the y-axis and this is time along the x-axis. It will initially have to require some capital be put into it. But then if it works, it will take off because it's got basically unlimited markets. Underlying what they're doing here is an innovation that's unique that allows them to address much broader markets.

So they're not just focused on the local market but much broader markets. This is very important. If this is going to require more cash, as I mentioned, while this is owned by the-- this is controlled by the family or the owner. This over here is going to have shareholders and a bunch of other people. This is very important difference here. Because while this business is a very important business, the underlying demographics for it-- the underlying system and training for this does not look the same as this.

It's almost like you have two sports, basketball and baseball. Sure you run into both. You jump in both. But-- and that's true of these. But Michael Jordan was a great basketball player. He turned out not to be great baseball player. All his training was for that. So likewise, there could be some crossover here. But generally, there's more risk in these. The people that are trained for these are doing-- how to manage multiple stakeholders, how to do an underlying innovation.

In the next section, we're going to look at what is innovation and define that more precisely. But the point of this is, two types of entrepreneurship, Small Medium Enterprise entrepreneurship, small companies distributed geographically, and then Innovation Driven Enterprise Entrepreneurship-- companies that might not make it. But then if they make it, they get to grow and be very, very big. These end up-- you don't need a lot of these to generate a lot of jobs. These you need a lot. These tend to be more clustered. These tend to not be so clustered.

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Tools You Can Use to program Your Subconscious

In order for you to use subconscious programming the right way, there are tools that will help get you to the end of the line so you can win the game and reach the top of the mountain. The first of these tools is visualization.

Creative Visualization
Creative visualization allows you to consciously attract what you want. What you do is you visualize or see images in your conscious mind. This is a powerful way of programming thoughts into your subconscious mind. There are various ways of doing creative visualization. In fact, there are three ways to do it. These three ways include auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

Auditory: This is one type of method used in visualization. It is based on visualizing with words and sounds. Instead of just seeing an image, the person uses sounds to depict the object. The sounds they generate will cause the right kind of emotion to surface.

Visual: With this method the person sees images in his mind. When a person uses this method, they see pictures and watch the whole event play out in their mind with each picture or image representing something.

Kinesthetic: With this method, the emotions plays a more dominant part. The person will imagine feeling the results. They will feel what it would be like to have whatever it is they want manifested.

People are different. One person will use one method while another will use another type. The bottom line is that you use the one that works for you and use it regularly. That is the primary important factor.

The purpose behind performing this routine everyday is to train your mind and exercise your mind muscle so you can get used to it. You will find it becomes easier to do every time you practice it. You should use one method first just to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and then after you have established the routine of doing it, you can add another method, and keep working this pattern until you have added all three methods. This way you get three times the power and your intentions will be reinforced more and more.

An example of creative visualization would be when you are sitting down in a comfortable chair and become completely relaxed. You clear your mind of wandering thoughts. Then you think about something you want and you either see the image in front of you, or you speak about the image, or you feel the image through your emotions. Whatever method you use, you have to focus it on what you want. One word of warning here. When you begin to visualize for the first time, and you see images come up in your mind, your previous subconscious programming may enter here and try to discourage you from continuing to see those images. This is to be expected. Just ignore these voices inside you and concentrate on the image only. With persistence you will eventually rid your subconscious of those thoughts completely and when you do your visualization in the future, you will not have any more negative thoughts to interrupt your session.

Creative visualization does work. It has worked for many people and it will work for you. You just have to trust the process and go with it. Keep at it. Doing it one time will not help. You have to practice it on a daily basis. And when you do start visualizing, do not visualize what you do not want because you will end up getting it. So only visualize what you do want.

Having Gratitude
You may wonder why gratitude is listed here, and what having gratitude has to do with subconscious programming. The answer to that is: everything. Let me explain. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are vibrating with the universe in a harmonious way. By vibrating in this matter, you are resonating at such a high frequency that every event, condition, or circumstance, depending on what you want or are looking for, will appear. It is when you choose to fight against yourself or what is coming into your life that you will not attract what you want.

You may be wondering just how you can show gratitude or be in a state of gratitude? It is not as hard as you may think. You do have control over your thoughts and emotions. Whether you know it or not, your thoughts and emotions are what guide your perceptions of things around you. Remember this clearly. What you think or feel is only your perception, not the reality of what is. For example, you may see a person in front of you as being an obnoxious person. This is how you feel and think about him. So this is your perception. But in reality, he may be a sweet, kind person who would give you the shirt off his back. Do you see the picture here?

Your perceptions come from previous data that is stored in memory in your subconscious mind. This being the case, this data can easily be changed by replacing it with other kinds of data. You may look at that person as being obnoxious, but when you are told several times by someone else that he is a nice, kind man, now your thoughts are changed, and these new thoughts go into your memory bank in your subconscious mind and replace the old thoughts. So in the future, when you see that man again, your perception of him will be different.

Another example is when you are preparing for an event. Suppose you had been planning an outside activity for weeks. Finally that day came and you looked outside and saw it was raining. Now you think your whole day is ruined by the weather. You start wondering why these things always happen to you. You begin to question everything around you and in your life. Because of your perception of the weather and how you feel, you may think the whole day is ruined. And so for that whole day you attract bad things and events because this is what you focused on. But if you were to change your perception and look at it from another angle and think that, although it is raining outside, perhaps you can alter your plans and do some kind of indoor activity like decorating your home, or finishing that puzzle you always wanted to finish, or whatever it may be, you would put yourself into a better frame of mind and attract good things for yourself that day. In the end, your bad perception shows your ungratefulness.

On the other hand, let’s look at an example of someone who has a good perception of things and see what happens. This guy planned a nice day of tennis with a partner. He had prepared this for weeks. When that day came he saw it was raining. The tennis court would be saturated, causing the ball to skid too much. Not good conditions to play in. Since he can’t play tennis, he is somewhat disappointed, but he realizes he has some chores that really need to get done anyway, so he just chalks it off and realizes that at least he doesn’t have to care for his lawn for a few days. The rain is doing that for him. And the rain will help cut down on his water bill since he won’t have to use the sprinkler to water the lawn for any time soon. This man was disappointed by the rain, but he saw the good that would come from it and this allowed him to focus his thoughts in a good, positive way. This man showed gratitude. The man’s subconscious programming allowed him to think in a more positive way. So his perception was different from the previous example.

We are back to the original question as to how we can show gratitude if we never practiced it before. There are ways you can learn to show gratitude. The main thing is the way you focus your thoughts and how you perceive things around you. When you focus on good things in your life this allows more good things to come into your life. Because if you are grateful for what you have, the universe will see that and provide you with more. By practicing gratitude on a regular basis, it will eventually put you into a mindset where you will realize that you have many good positive things happen to you on a daily basis. And by realizing this, a lot of your focus will be placed on these good things.

Another good aspect of focusing on gratitude is that it rewrites all the negative scripts you have accumulated in your subconscious mind throughout your life. This way, all previous negative thoughts will have been replaced with positive, refreshing thoughts. This is why gratitude is important to subconscious programming.

The techniques you can use to help you to learn the way to show gratitude can be done in two ways: develop a mental gratitude list or write out a gratitude list.

Mental gratitude list: If you don’t like writing much, you can develop the discipline of showing gratitude by mentally going over what you are grateful for. When you meditate you can describe what you are grateful for as an image in your mind, or by hearing the words in your conscious mind. This in turn will quickly move into your subconscious mind for processing. By doing this you will find that thinking in terms of showing gratitude will come easier every time you do it.

Write out the gratitude list: Some people prefer to write out what they are grateful for. This way they have it in front of them to repeat instead of trying to do it from memory or by mentally recalling the list. As you write out the list, you will think deeply within yourself as to what you are grateful for. After you have compiled this list you will repeat it to yourself several times each day, adding more things to that list as you recall them. But when you write these thoughts down, you must do so from emotion or they won’t work. Keep repeating this list to yourself and it will go into your subconscious mind and get processed and stored, replacing any bad tapes that were there before.

There is no better way to reprogram your subconscious mind than by meditation. When you go into meditation, you are reaching your subconscious mind directly. By doing this any thoughts or input you receive will automatically go into your subconscious mind. Also, when you are in meditation, and you are utilizing the subconscious mind, any images you happen to bring up in your mind are immediately processed and stored for later use. This is why meditation is such a powerful tool and why many people who are successful use it every day. This is how they program their minds for success.

Some of the benefits of meditation are that it can balance you emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Those who perform meditation find they have less stress, anxiety, depression and fewer mood-swings. Meditation has also been known to increase mental stamina so you can focus better and remember thoughts more easily. Meditation can also go into your subconscious, find those blocks, and replace them with non-blocking thoughts that will help to advance your career, instead of hindering it. Some people claim that meditation enhances their psychic ability as well. And meditation also allows you to have a more direct connection to God, which allows you to harmonize and vibrate to the same frequency.

It doesn’t matter which of the above tools you use, the main objective for you is to use one that will give you repeated results. This is the way to have your subconscious mind reprogrammed. By continuing to receive positive input on a regular basis, you are in fact feeding your subconscious mind the right amount of positive affirmations that will replace any old tapes that may be inhibiting you and preventing you from becoming a success in life.

Directing thoughts into your subconscious mind on a long-term basis is what will bring you into the world of getting what you want out of life and allowing yourself to succeed. By vibrating to the source of all energy, you will be able to obtain anything that your heart desires. All it takes is a thought, the right subconscious programming, the faith to carry it out, and the willingness to be grateful when you do receive it. Everything matters in life and by constantly feeding it positive input, you will train your mind to reflect this type of input, and only good things will come from this type of stimulus.

Having a subconscious mind that is trained and exercised to process and store in its memory banks what is necessary to achieve the successful outcome you want, is the goal you want reach in your life no matter what. It is only then that you will be in tune with the universe and will become truly successful.


Your Thoughts Are Powerful

The biggest factor for anyone to understand when it comes to subconscious programming is the realization that thoughts are powerful. Jesus said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we could tell the mountain to move and it would move. These words show that even the Son of God knows the power of our thoughts, since words are formed from thoughts. All we have to do is believe in what we think and allow those thoughts to come to fruition.

Since this is the first step in any creative process, it would be fitting that we gear our thoughts to go in the right direction. If our thoughts are so powerful, the outcome of those thoughts will determine our final outcome. This means that what we think will in the end produce the result we thought about, whether it is good or bad.

In order to comprehend this even more, we have to examine our thoughts more extensively so as make sure they are in alignment with the universe. Otherwise, we could be putting ourselves into a precarious situation.

Many great men on this planet invented great things to make our lives better. And what did every single person have in common? Their inventions came from one thought. That’s right. It took a thought to create what we now take for granted in our everyday lives.

For example, if it weren’t for one thought, Alexander Graham Bell would not have invented the telephone. And if he hadn’t invented the telephone, today we might still be sending smoke signals or using the pony express.

Another example is that of Benjamin Franklin. If it weren’t for his one thought, he would never have discovered electricity. What would have happened if he hadn't had that one thought or if he hadn’t acted on that one thought? We probably would be using candles to see at night right now.

Another example is the Wright Brothers. If they hadn’t thought about air travel, they wouldn’t have developed the first airplane. Then where would we be today? Maybe we wouldn’t be flying, unless someone else thought about it eventually.

You get the idea. The main principle here is that thoughts are powerful. A famous writer once said that thoughts create things. So if thoughts are so powerful that they create things, imagine what they can do if we use them in the right way.

Thoughts are very powerful for good or for bad. If you examine people around you and take a good look at the way they appear and what they do, you will more or less get an idea as to what they thought about. A homeless man only thought about being short of money so he could not pay his bills or his rent. He ended up losing his home and now he is living on the street.

How about someone living in poverty? This person may have thought they lacked money, so a persistant recognition of their lack resulted in the person living in poverty. On the other hand, how about the person who has much and always seems to make more money, almost effortlessly. How did this person become so affluent? Well perhaps he always thought good thoughts and constantly programmed his thinking toward making large amounts of money. This and the examples above are all provided here to show you how powerful thoughts can be. This is why it is important to monitor your thoughts so you do not put yourself in a bad situation.

If you notice, every circumstance the person was in was a direct result of what they were thinking. It happens every time. There is always a match no matter what. Your thoughts will always be in alignment with a part of the universe, whether it is for good or for bad. It will always connect. So if you were to think about having a toothache, you will develop a toothache.

Since thoughts are powerful, it is only fitting that the thoughts we have be conducive to what we want. If you think prosperity, you will receive prosperity. If you think poverty, you will reap poverty. No matter what your station in life may be, what you are right now is the way you thought previously. Always remember that. It is imperative that you keep this in your mind. What you think about you will manifest.

This is why the emphasis has been placed throughout this book on your thoughts and changing your thought patterns. It isn’t merely a decision to alter what you allow into your conscious; you also have to change what is already in your subconscious. This is because your previous thoughts entered and were processed by your subconscious mind. Then these thoughts were stored in memory banks for later use, as was mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, there are those who won’t allow themselves to change because they only accept what they can see. If they can’t see it, they won’t accept it. Hopefully, you are not like these people, because if you are, you won’t get very far in this world. You have to change your thinking from only believing when you see it to believing it can happen first, and then you will see the results. It works every time.

There are many people, who have taken on the responsibility for change, once they found out the truth about their thoughts and how thoughts make the person, and what the person experiences at that moment. They finally began to understand the power of the mind and of thoughts and now use thoughts to their advantage to produce what they desire.

Here is an example of the power of your thoughts. A woman was in poor health. A discussion with her brought out the fact that she continuously thought bad thoughts. Everything she said and did turned around bad things. She was always pessimistic about her life and those around her. When she went outside and saw a couple of clouds, she would claim it was going to rain and run inside to get her umbrella, in spite of the forecast of sunny weather for that day. At other times she would get in her car and if she saw a couple of cars in front of her, she would claim she was going to get into a horrible traffic jam and would be late for her appointment. Yet, there were only two cars in front of her. There was no one else in sight. She was so pessimistic about everything, that even if she sneezed she thought she was coming down with a major disease and would hide in her house to protect herself from germs. Well, because of her attitude and thought patterns, she did develop a major disease and was told she only had six months to live. She was even introduced to the power of positive thinking, but that didn’t help because she was so convinced in her mind that she was sick that she actually created it.

On the other hand, here is an example of someone who knew the power of thought and focused on positive thinking. There was a man who was in perfect health. He had 20/20 eyesight, perfect cholesterol, and was in great shape. He had a great job where he made six figures. What did he do differently from the lady in the example above? Well, for starters, he knew the power of thought and used that to his advantage. He focused on good thoughts and attracted all the good things in life. He wanted a great job and focused on that. Most every thought he had was of a positive nature and allowed him to program his subconscious mind for positive thinking. This way when he thought about something, his subconscious mind automatically released to the universe good thoughts about what he wanted and within a short time he got it.

Having good things is not limited to health and money; people have also gotten into good relationships simply by what they thought. For instance, a man recently wanted to find someone to date and hopefully establish a relationship with. He focused his thoughts on finding a good woman. Soon he ran into this beautiful young lady. He asked her out and she accepted. Six months later they were married.

On the other hand, there was a lady who was married three times. Her current marriage was on the rocks and in danger of divorce. Why was this happening to her? Because when she was young, her parents divorced and she took it as a fact that two people cannot stay together. These thoughts went into her subconscious mind and stayed with her for years. Because of this negative programming, she could not hold a marriage for long. Her longest marriage was three years.

There is no doubt about it, what you think you will produce. What you conceive you will manifest. This is why you have to be cautious when you use your conscious mind to think. If you do not want something, do not think about it at all. If you do not want debt, don’t think about debt at all. Instead, think about prosperity. If you have a firm belief that what you want will happen, and you have emotion behind it, you will be in vibration to your thoughts, which will be in frequency to the universe, and you will attract what you think about.

Another way to look at thought is by examining the process. This will help you see how it actually works. Christianity teaches that you reap what you sow. In this case, when you have a thought, you are in fact sowing your thought, which will result in an outcome, or what you will reap. Buddhist teaching, or the Law of Karma, states that for every event that you perform, another event will result. This result could be good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

How does this relate to thought? Well, the event could not have occurred if you didn’t think about it first. So thought was involved from the beginning.

If you planted a tomato seed, you would not get a banana. If you planted a pumpkin seed, you would not get a stalk of corn. This goes for your thoughts as well. If you think about getting a car, you will not get a horse. If you think about getting a house, you will not get an apartment. What you think about you will get.

You have control over your thoughts. You are the one to decide whether you will get the job you want or not. You are the one to decide whether you will get your favorite car or not. You are the one that thinks. No one can think for you. No one can attract things in your life. Only you can do that. This is why if you are not getting what you want in life, you need to change your thoughts.

Remember what you learned in this chapter. Thoughts are powerful. You can accomplish so much with your thoughts. You can invent things. You can create things. You can do or be whatever you want. It only takes one thought. As long as you are in harmony with the universal laws of the universe, you shouldn’t have any trouble obtaining what you want.

You may be a child, or an adult. You may be religious or not. You may be a leader or a follower. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in life, every person on this planet has the ability to achieve greatness. Everyone has the ability to obtain what they want when they know how powerful thoughts are.

The only problem is that most people do not realize this. It is hard for them to accept this principle because they have been in the dark for too long. They have been brainwashed to believe otherwise. This subconscious programming is what limits them. The only way to turn this around would be for them to reprogram their subconscious mind for prosperity. It can happen but it takes time. The first part is believing it can work. Once these people see others' lives changing around them, they will follow suit.

It really is a matter of choice. Once they have become exposed to the reality of it, they will have the knowledge they need to make changes, if they want to. Anthony Robbins was right about one thing when he stated that people will often stay within their comfort zone because they are used to that lifestyle. Sometimes it takes a tragic event to change people’s perceptions and force them to make changes. Because thoughts are powerful, these thoughts they have can affect them in many ways, both good and bad.

Another problem is that people do not always realize what they are thinking. Most people do or think things unconsciously. Because of this, they aren’t even aware of what comes to them since they don’t monitor their thoughts. Whatever happens to them is left to chance.

If you don’t think that thoughts are powerful, just look around at other people and see exactly what conditions they live in. Whatever situations they are in is a direct result of what they thought. When you see this and remember this chapter, you will hopefully come to the conclusion that thoughts are powerful and will use thoughts more abundantly and productively for yourself. By doing this you will find out how great life can be for you. Life is great and can be great for you once you take in this concept, accept it, and apply it.


The Powerful Human Mind

You may not realize it, but the mind is very powerful. It is unlimited in potential. You can create anything you desire just by letting the mind do what it was created by God to do. Once you begin to understand the power of the mind, and learn the laws of the universe, you can reprogram your subconscious so you can obtain anything you want in life and live life to the fullest.

If you think about one thing for a minute it is this: you do not need to struggle in life to make something of yourself. All you need to do is apply the principles set out in this ebook and the new programming you will receive will turn your life around.

Life does have a purpose for you and will give you abundance if you program your mind in that direction. Once you learn and apply the principles and techniques required to alter your programming, enhance your mind’s functions, and improve the way your mind can develop, you can have anything you wish or desire. It just takes a single step and understanding of the mechanism to appreciate what it does.

The mind has a great deal of power as was stated above. It has the ability to heal all diseases. But yet, in the average person, only 10% of the mind is used, which results in 90% not being utilized. Imagine what we could do if we used the full capacity our mind can muster.

Every person on this planet has the same capacity in their brain but not everyone uses it. If we were to take a handful of people together and tap into their entire brain function, we could brighten a city for at least a week. This is how powerful the mind is. It is just the choices we make and the beliefs we were programmed with that separate us from successful individuals.

It is really the programming that we received from birth to the present that shapes who we are and what we do. We have the capability to do marvelous things, but it is our belief system and our faith that allows us to take part in some events in our lives or not.

Our belief system or programming is what sets us apart from other people. Everyone on this planet has a belief system in place that guides their thinking, reasoning, and functions. Whether these people take part in sports, have a trade, or are lifetime students, the origin is the same. They got to where they are because they knew the power of the human mind and they utilized it to its fullest.

You have the ability to have and do whatever you want if you satisfy all the conditions that will allow you to use your powerful mind to the greatest degree. You first have to be aware of what you want. The next step is to desire what you want. The next step involves your pre-processed programming – your beliefs. If your beliefs will allow the situation to occur, it will. But if your beliefs will not allow it to occur, you won’t do it.

This is why the idea of subconscious programming is so important. It is the mechanism by which your old thought processes can be changed so you will have new beliefs. As a matter of fact, there have been studies done that showed people accomplishing great feats with the power of their mind. Acknowledging this power and using it beneficially is what will help you take the first step toward realizing your goal of obtaining whatever it is you want. You can prosper with no problem once you understand the power of your mind, and use it for the purpose it was created for: to give you everything and anything you want in life.

But before you can do anything you must be open to the world of your mind, and see the immense power your mind has. In order to do this we first tap into our subconscious. Many of these terms will be covered later in chapter two, but it would be good to summarize them here so as to give you a head start as it were.

The Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind acts as the translator to the conscious mind. It is given commands by the conscious mind and fulfills those commands with ease. The subconscious mind is also referred to as the go-between between the conscious and superconscious mind.

In order to program your mind to do what you want it to do, you first have to understand the subconscious mind and how it works, or you won’t know how to program the mind. You must learn how to control the subconscious mind so you can learn how to reprogram it. Only then will you have the ability to achieve personal development and reach the empowerment that only your mind can give you. Once you reach this plateau, you will be able to command anyone and get anything you want. Only then will you have fulfilled your dreams of living your life to the fullest. And what is so special about the procedure is that it really does not take long to perform the exercises you need to gain control and reprogram the subconscious mind.

Developing your understanding of the power of the mind starts with knowing two laws or principles. These two laws are The Law of Vibration and The Law of Attraction. If you are unfamiliar with these laws they will be covered briefly below. Just know before these two laws are discussed, that when you understand these two laws and how they apply to the subconscious mind, you will begin to see how powerful the mind really is.

The Law of Vibration
The Law of Vibration seems easy to understand but can be complicated to those who do not know how it works. The one principle you will take away from this discussion is that The Law of Vibration will always be here among us and always works, whether we choose to believe it or not.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe, no matter what it may be, is energy. Energy makes up the entire universe. You place a particle under a very powerful microscope and you will see molecules. These molecules are in a constant state of movement. If we looked inside a molecule we would see an atom. And inside this atom you will find a proton in the center with an electron circling around. This is energy vibrating. Everything vibrates at different rates or speeds. When the vibration is within our ability or frequency range, we can hear or see the vibrating source of energy.

Because we were created by God or by some infinite spirit or consciousness (as some like to call it), this higher power vibrates as well. And since we are a part of this creation or consciousness, we are also energy in the form of a body. We vibrate like anything else. Every part of us is a vibration including our thoughts and sounds. Light is also vibrating. Since we know our bodies vibrate and our thoughts also vibrate, then if we become aligned with the universe in vibration, we will be able to attract whatever the vibrations point to. But our thoughts, which go back to our conscious and subconscious, must vibrate in tune to the universe for us to achieve what we wish. This is why we must monitor our thoughts within our conscious and subconscious so as to make sure all input is in vibration or harmony with the universe.

The Law of Attraction
Just as we have the Law of Vibration, we also have The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that there is a cause and effect to everything we think and do. If we think about a particular thing, we end up getting it. Just as it is important to learn about The Law of Vibration, you must also learn about The Law of Attraction. If you want to learn how to attract anything you desire you need to set up an attraction for it. To do this, you must make sure your thoughts within your subconscious mind are geared toward what you are trying to attract. If they aren't, you won’t get it, instead you will get what you don’t want, because your subconscious mind thought it.

The Law of Attraction is something that exists apart from you. It exists and therefore it is. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that never goes away. You can control it to some degree by what you vibrate to; by what your thoughts are geared to. The end result is simple, if you reprogram your subconscious mind to vibrate with the universe, you can get anything you want just by thinking it.


The Function of the Subconscious Mind

Now that you know the two different laws that work with the subconscious mind to grant you what you want and to provide the effective programming you will need for prosperity, you would do well to focus on the subconscious mind itself. Knowing how the subconscious mind functions will be a stepping stone toward controlling it.

When you think of the subconscious mind you may think of it as the brain. If you did you would be wrong. The brain is not the mind, but the brain makes up a part of the mind. The mind uses the brain to carry out its functions as required.

The conscious mind is used to take in input through all five human senses and interprets this input. It then sends these interpretations to the subconscious mind for processing. The subconscious mind then manages these inputs by controlling what they do to the body or by what action the person takes. Your intuition or psychic powers arise from your subconscious mind.

If you want to focus on getting something, all you have to do is start the process by thinking about what you want, then that thought will proceed to your subconscious mind, which in turn will act on your thought, which will be in vibration with the universe, and the result – you will obtain what you thought about.

And what is amazing about the subconscious mind is the fact that it is always working. It never stops functioning. This is why you have dreams at night. The subconscious has processed all information and is ready to deliver the result to you, either through your dream, or by you obtaining what you thought about or wanted.

The main thing is that you, or we should say, your subconscious, must be in total vibration to the universe for you to get whatever it is you desire. This means your programming in your subconscious must be in line with what you desire for you to get it. If this programming is not in alignment, you will not be in vibration, which in turn will cause you not to get what you wanted or desired. This is why you must be in total alignment with the universe. And by having your thoughts vibrating this way, you will be in alignment.

To recap, you must understand how the The Law of Vibration, The Law of Attraction, and the subconscious mind work, in order to be able to get what you want in life and to live life abundantly in prosperity. The whole principle works simply by the conscious mind taking in the input, which can be from all five senses; it will then take this and interprets what it receives. The conscious mind then transmits this to the subconscious mind for processing and acting on. During this stage, if the subconscious mind has any programming held in memory that is in opposition to the thoughts being processed, there is no vibration and no alignment to the universe. And when that happens, the desire or want will fail to materialize.

To obtain anything you want in life, you must make sure your pre-programmed subconscious mind is right and in tune to the vibrations of the universe. If it is not in line with and vibrating to the universe, you'd better undergo changes in your mindset and alter the programming so you will be in tune and vibrating in harmony with what you want.

Another way to look at how the mind works between the conscious and subconscious is to think of it from this point of view: when you develop a thought, it is analyzed by the conscious mind which then starts to send electro-chemicals within the brain. As the electro-chemicals travel through the brain, neural pathways are opened and the data passes through the brain. As the data travels, additional cells throughout the brain are imprinted with the data being processed. The conscious mind then attaches emotion to the thought based on its perceived interpretation of the data. This increases the vibration of the thought and at that time a belief is established. This belief is then stored in the subconscious mind. This belief could be based on truth, reality, or a lie. It depends on where the thought came from and how it was interpreted. This data can then be accessed and utilized in the future by the conscious mind to either support or deny any further thoughts that are inputted into the conscious mind.

When the conscious mind receives the same input again, it is the job of the subconscious mind to locate and provide that data which was stored previously, send it back to the conscious mind with an emotion of some type included, which was also stored previously with the data, which will create a vibration based on the frequency of the data presented. If this previously stored data matches the vibration of the universe, there is an alignment and the result is the creation or manifestation of what that thought was intended to provide.

This really is not a hard process to achieve. It just takes work and determination, and having faith doesn’t hurt either. You must always remember that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. It only responds to what is fed to it. So for it to work correctly, you must be sure of what you are feeding it, and what has already been fed before, if you really want to succeed at the game of subconscious programming or mind control.

In the next chapter you will learn about the mind and what is in it, and how you can alter it so as to work in harmony with the subconscious to get what you want in life.

It’s All In Your Mind
There is no doubt that thoughts do direct your actions. And thoughts do have power and can help you accomplish many things. What you think is what you do and who you are. If you think poverty, you will always live in poverty. If you think of prosperity, you will always be prosperous. The secret is to the way you program your mind.

Some people have a sense of entitlement and actually depend on others to cater to their will. This is the mindset they have. It was programmed into them from the beginning. Because of this mindset, these people fail every time they seek to establish anything in life for themselves. Whether it involves going into business, making friends, or whatever else they do, if they have the mindset that the world should cater to them, they are doomed to everlasting misery and loneliness.

And there are people who are kindhearted but have been hurt so many times in their lives that they have been programmed to believe that relationships mean pain, so they avoid dating or getting into a relationship.

There are people who are good, hard working people, whose only goal in life is to make something of themselves and do so without hurting others. They put on the mentality that they can’t get rich because the rich are bad people. That the rich are mean and will defraud others quickly to make lots of money. Because of this mentality, they never get rich, but only live from paycheck to paycheck.

As you can see there are many scenarios of people who function in life based on their core beliefs or programming, instilled into them since they were babies, or which they had learned at some point in their lives, which resulted in a shift in their thinking and awareness.

There are people who will actually commit self-sabotage because they don’t know any better. They think they are doing the right thing but in fact they set themselves up for failure every time they try something. And if you try to reason with them about it, and explain to them what they are doing, they just look at you blankly and claim that everything that happens to them is based on other people, the economy, or other factors, but they will not look at themselves as the problem.

This is because they only look at things from the conscious level. What they see in front of them is what they believe. They only go by what input they receive in their conscious mind and this is the root of their problems. They can only see or think about what is in their conscious mind and that limits their abilities beyond all comprehension. If the eyes can play tricks on you, well, the conscious mind can also play tricks on you.

If you listen to your conscious mind, you won’t get far because you will only perceive what you see in front of you. But if your subconscious mind has been programmed properly, you can experience untold amounts of prosperity. On the other hand, if your subconscious mind was program incorrectly you can end up believing wrong things such as:

Rich people are evil. This is how they get rich. They are pompous, arrogant, and dishonest in the way they deal with others. And in order to get rich you have to be just like them.

Poor people are special because they have no money to keep them tied down so they can go out there and do whatever comes to mind to make them happy. They are mainly nice people whose only goal in life is to make a living for their family and die penniless.

It is the right thing to be poor. It is a spiritual aspect of oneself to be in a poor state. This way you stay humble and worship God the way he wants you to without restrictions.

These are just some of the types of programming we often face. But these are not the only beliefs we had programmed in our subconscious. We also have other ideas and thoughts including reasons why we lack greatness and have no prosperity in life.

Everything we absorb in our everyday existence affects us not only consciously but subconsciously as well. Why? Because what gets fed into our conscious goes into our subconscious. If you read a good book you have happy thoughts. If you read a book on horror, nine times out of ten you will have a nightmare. If you focus on what the news presents, you will start absorbing this into your brain, which will have an effect on you either for good or for bad.

Remember, the way you act now is the way you were programmed from the past. This is an important concept you must understand and retain. The life you have right now, no matter what you have or don’t have, the way you act or don’t act, the attitudes you have or don’t have; every part of your very being is the direct result of the way you were programmed from when you were born till your present moment.

Every single step you took, you were programmed to do. Every word you heard from someone, you took and placed into your conscious. And what happens to input that goes into the conscious? That’s right, it goes into the subconscious for processing, which in turn creates a reaction, or what was processed is stored in memory for later retrieval.

Every day of your life, from the day you were born to the present, you were being programmed. But the question is: which type of programming did you receive? If you received good programming you’ll end up being a good person with strong character and moral ethics, who will in turn be guided by the right principles. However, if you are programmed incorrectly, you could end up becoming a juvenile delinquent, a drug abuser, an alcoholic, or even a prisoner in a jail.

When you are programmed incorrectly, this programming may not be bad in itself. It may just be stated in a way that downplays who you really are. For example, if you are born into a particular race, and for years that race was downtrodden because of hatred and prejudice, this core belief or programming may be given to you at some point when you are young and that programming will go into your conscious mind then into your subconscious mind for processing. The end result is that when the child faces a situation where his ethnicity or race is challenged, he’ll remember that programming and he’ll take some kind of drastic step to relieve the pain or anguish he may feel based on what associations he had developed with that programming when it occurred the first time. Unfortunately, what often happens in this kind of situation the person ends up committing murder or suicide.

Another kind of scenario may be when a person is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This means the person is born in a family that is richer than anyone else in the community. This child will have been programmed from infancy to believe that money is the most important concern in the world, that nothing else matters in life but to have money. This child is programmed to understand the laws around money and to learn to grasp money as if it was their god. They are told in their programming to respect money as a weapon to achieve greatness in life, and to look down on anyone who does not have money like the child’s family does. This does occur in the homes of the filthy rich and is unfortunate because it leads the child to accept the notion that rich people are better than anyone else.

Of course, there is the other extreme. A child could be born from an unwed mother living in the ghetto. She may program her child to accept the fact he will be poor all of his life. And because of this he will grow up to be poor, or maybe get into trouble with the law.

Or imagine a person who has been conditioned about starting a business. He was programmed by his father who was also self-employed, but failed at his business, to accept the fact that once he starts a business he will fail within two years. Now he could go into this business venture he wants to get involved with without thinking about it or doing any research and end up losing his shirt because he wasn’t careful enough. This is mainly the result of his programming. He thought he could get rich fast, but when he entered into the actual business, his previous programming intervened and caused him to sabotage his business to the point it where he failed and lost out.

On the other hand, the person described above could become so hesitant about starting a business, all because of his programming, that he misses a great opportunity to make it big in a business venture and get rich.

Unfortunately, these kinds of situations happen to many people every single day. It all stems from their programming. It has so much to do with your mindset and what was planted there from birth to the present day. And you may not even know it because it came in such a way that you didn’t know you received it. It was like subliminal messages.

This is why it is so vital that you monitor your thoughts as you progress through the day. You don’t want to focus your time and attention on aspects of any input that may disqualify you from getting the proper programming you need to overcome any previous programming that may have affected you in an adverse way.

That could be compared to a garden. If you plant a bunch of seeds you do not want to just leave them there to grow without taking care of them. If you leave the garden unattended, what will happen is that weeds will grow among the plants. The weeds will grow along with the plants and maybe even become a part of the plants or suffocate them by grabbing a lot of the soil's nutrients.

To overcome such a problem, the garden needs to be cultivated and cared for on a regular basis. A garden well cared for will produce an abundance of plants and vegetables to the delight of the grower.

This goes for the conscious and subconscious mind. If you continue to feed negative thoughts into your conscious mind, these thoughts will be processed in your subconscious mind. In turn they will be used to serve their purpose at the necessary time. But if you feed your conscious mind upbuilding or good thoughts, these will also get processed in the subconscious mind and stay in memory for use at a later time. Don’t forget one principle here. The subconscious mind does not know what is right or wrong. It doesn’t know what is good or bad. It only processes what it receives. And that is all it does. You have to be in control of what the subconscious mind processes. It is by your vigilance that you can prevent bad thoughts from getting into your mind and causing you pain and frustration later.

In some cases, you may have to completely alter your core beliefs in order to replace them with more productive beliefs. As you learn and grow in life and you realize what you need to do to become prosperous and wealthy, a lot of your previous programming will need to be replaced or you will need to reprogram your subconscious mind so you will have the right mindset to forge ahead and become the person you want to be.

The best way to overcome previous programming is to replace that programming with new programming. This means continued affirmations. You need to change your mindset with words and phrases that will up build you and help you develop a better personality.

There are many steps you can take to help you to change your previous programming so as to reflect the new programming. It will take time, patience, and perseverance, but the time involved will produce results. You just need to decide for yourself if you want to change. If you don’t want to change, you won’t. But if you do want to change, you will. It is control and will power that will determine whether you change or not.

Some people have to get so desperate that they are forced to change when they realize the present course they are facing will lead them nowhere or to disastrous results. But if you act right away, you won’t have to hit rock bottom or face a calamity before you decide to change. You will have decided that change is required and will take the necessary steps to secure this change.

Just as with computers, subconscious programs can be changed. Operating systems have patches that alter the way the software works. When these patches are applied, they change the settings in the system so as to allow the new settings to take effect and work. Then the operating system has a new way of working. In some case, these changes may help the user tremendously. These changes can also provide more functionality and security. This is why upgrading or reprogramming is so important.

If computers go through this, what do you think about the human brain? In order for your brain to function properly and to provide with you everything you need to enjoy and envision life the way you want, you will need a patch job for your conscious and subconscious mind. You will need to download the program into your conscious, which will feed into the subconscious, and in turn the subconscious will process this new program, and hold it in memory for future use, and/or provide results immediately to the person who received the new programming.

This is the primary way of change. By changing your programming, you can literally change your life and your core beliefs. This is what matters most in life and everyone has a chance to accomplish goodness in their lives if they undertake this challenge and replace old worn-out, self-defeating tapes, and replace them with upbuilding, thought-provoking tapes that will alter the programming for good.

By continuing with this ebook, you will learn every aspect of reprogramming the subconscious mind so you can change the way you think, feel, and act regarding everything in your life. So stay tuned and continue on because your ride will get more interesting as you go.


Controlling Your Subconscious Mind

If you want to change your life and experience the fullness of life, you must change your programming. To change your programming you must control your subconscious mind so you can alter your old limiting beliefs. To do this you have to take certain steps or follow certain procedures that will guarantee you success if done correctly.

As you know, everything vibrates. Thoughts also vibrate. Thoughts are first established in the conscious and analyzed there. Then the thought is passed to the subconscious mind for processing, and to establish and store a belief. Since this is the case, you have the option as to what thoughts go into your conscious and pass through your subconscious.

You have the ability to take your old, limiting beliefs, and replace them with new ones. It simply takes your effort to control what you think or what thoughts you take into your conscious mind. The way to do this would be to take in or absorb new data, data that is conducive to what you need it to be. The data you take in and enter into your conscious mind has to be a new belief that will work in harmony with the universe and vibrate accordingly.

Where can you get this data to replace? It can come from any source you choose. But that source must work in harmony with what you are trying to accomplish. If you read something that has encouraging information or upbuilding data that can help you achieve greatness in your life, obviously this is the data you want to read. Whatever you read, it must not be what you formerly read, or else you are defeating the purpose of reprogramming. The data has to be a new source that is in harmony with what you wish to accomplish in your life. An example would be a book on The Law of Attraction, or a book on meditation, or perhaps a book on how to get what you want in life. It has to be something that is upbuilding and will help you to progress forward to the point where you get what you set out for.

Think of it as being hypnotized and told to act a certain way that is contrary to the way you acted before. When the right command is given, you will respond accordingly. This is the way reprogramming works. You position yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and slowly take in the data you need, for example, through meditation. This will help shut down your conscious mind temporarily and allow your subconscious mind to awaken to be receptive to the information you are about to input into your brain.

Your goal is to allow those upbuilding thoughts to enter into your subconscious mind and let them resonate in there and vibrate to and become a match with the vibrating universe. If everything is in harmony, your new thoughts will be your new beliefs and these beliefs will work for you and not against you. You’ll be able to accomplish more in your life now and in your future, when everything within you works together in harmony and is in perfect alignment with the universe.

These changes will not be easy at first. You may still resort back to your old beliefs. But those old beliefs will be replaced with new beliefs if you pick the right beliefs and meditate so as to have those beliefs go right into your subconscious mind immediately.

When you first replace your old beliefs with new beliefs, you will have to monitor your thoughts and what you read on a daily basis so you don’t accidentally remove what you just replaced. You don’t want to reverse the procedure.

After a while, you will get into the practice of reading and absorbing only what you need to build yourself up and to work in harmony with your new beliefs. You will only take in what you need to support your new beliefs; this way you won’t be working against your new purpose.

Also remember, you must make sure all the thoughts you take in are vibrating to your inner core beliefs. If these new beliefs are in harmony and vibrate to the same frequency as the thoughts you are inputting into your conscious mind, along with the right emotions, and these thoughts go out to the universe, which is also vibrating to the same frequency, you will obtain exactly what it is you thought or wished for.

There is a word of caution here. The subconscious mind can comprehend only what data is fed to it. This was brought out earlier in the ebook. But this is so important, it is worth repeating again. Therefore, if you think bad thoughts or think about something you don’t want, you will get exactly that because you will feed that data into your subconscious mind, which will in turn process it, and attach or vibrate to that part of the universe where the bad thing or what you don’t want is located, and before you know it, you’ll see it manifested right before your eyes. So be careful as to what you think about, for you may just end up getting what you don’t want.

What you may not realize is that every thought you have that the subconscious processes, things you do or get involved in, that are even unconscious, these things have an effect on what is stored in your subconscious mind. Stuff like watching the news on TV, or reading the newspaper, or watching violent TV shows, or anything else that is negative, all have a role in what goes into your subconscious mind. But if you are aware of this, you can take immediate steps to correct it by not allowing all this negative information to enter your subconscious mind.

This is why it is imperative that you focus on just what it is you desire and not what you don’t want. This means you must make sure your subconscious programming is right and works in your favor and not against you. After all, you don’t want to attract what you don’t want, right?

An example of a goal or desire you may have is to gain freedom by obtaining a lot of money. You focus on just what you need to do to gain all this money, not how you will find a lack of money from trying to get rich. The best way to show this is by an example. If you were to say to the universe, “I want a lot of money but I don’t want to go broke doing it,” you are telling the universe you don’t want to go broke. You are emphasizing the word broke here and that will go out to the universe and the universe will see you are vibrating the word broke. Therefore, you will become broke and stay broke. This is why you must be careful how you say it. Instead, say something like, “I want $100,000 within six months.” This way you aren’t talking about being broke. You are only saying you want $100,000 in six months. The chance of your getting that money will increase proportionally to what you vibrate to.

When you take it upon yourself to attract what you want in life, you must first meditate and visualize whatever it is you want as being there in front of you. Picture it there. Visualize yourself holding it. Put emotion into it. Act as if you already own it. By doing this, all these sensations will go into your subconscious mind and will process your request. The next step will be conclusive. Your subconscious will contact the universe through vibration and when it connects to that same vibrating source, there will be a match. At that time your subconscious mind will be in alignment with the universe and the universe will respond in kind.

When applying the power of the subconscious mind, you must consider this point. It doesn’t matter what your emotional state may be. You must learn to accept whatever thoughts or emotions you may be thinking or experiencing. After you have initially put in your request to the universe, don’t worry about what your present situation is. You are where you are supposed to be. Even if you should have fearful or anxious thoughts come to you, do not resist them. Instead, acknowledge them in your conscious mind. Accept them and you will find they will melt away. It is only through resistance that they will stay and cause you more problems.

At the time you become fully conscious of and can control what you create with your thoughts, and become aware of the power of your subconscious mind to attract what you want, you have mastered your life and will begin to live life the way you were meant to live it, with peace, fulfillment, abundance, and of course, happiness.

If you really are serious about changing your life to make it better, you really have to take steps to change your beliefs. This involves subconscious programming. You can make this easy or hard for yourself. There are tools available you can use that will help make it easier to obtain these goals but you must practice them everyday. In the next chapter you will learn about the various tools available to help you to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can get rid of those old beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that will help you achieve what you are trying to shoot for. This will happen when you have removed all blocks from your mind. The universe is open to you. All you have to do is seek out what you want and ask for it. This all starts with a thought and goes from there.


Your Thoughts Control You

Did you know your thoughts control what happens to you? That’s right. There have been many books written on thought and how powerful it is. Thoughts do affect us in so many ways. Thoughts help us create the reality we experience. Whether that experience is good or bad, all of it is determined by our thoughts.

Thoughts create our emotional state. They affect our health. Thoughts even influence what we do and say to people. No matter what the situation or circumstances, everything we do stems from thought. Then the thought turns into feelings, which turn into actions, to finally results. There are actually three classes of thoughts we experience each day of our lives. These thoughts include positive, action, and worry.

We think each of these thoughts throughout the day. If we have gratitude for who we are and what we achieve, we have positive thoughts. If we dwell on a future event that hasn’t even happened, we have worry thoughts. And, if we think about what we need to do for the day, like going to the store or shop for a certain object, we have action thoughts.

Would you believe many of our thoughts are centered around worry? We aren’t even aware of it at times but yet we do it. When we worry about something we have no control over, what we really have is fear turned inside. This is usually accompanied by some type of mental programming that tells us all the bad things that will happen before the event even started.

Some people think that if they don’t worry, they can’t prevent what will happen from occurring. They state that they are looking at the worst case scenario.

All types of worry are really just learned behavior that was acquired over time. And any thoughts that are learned can be unlearned very quickly. If you focus on positive thoughts instead of negative or worry thoughts, you would be surprised that your health would improve immensely. This is because positive thoughts create healing, and produce joy in our lives. Plus, positive thoughts reduce stress in our lives.

In order for you to be productive in life, you must learn to control your thoughts. You must learn to use the right types of thoughts that enter your mind daily. Also remember that not all thoughts produce actions that lead to results. Only those thoughts that we dwell on predominately are what will lead to results for us.

Because our thoughts are powerful and can dictate what happens to us, we know we must control them. But what happens in situations when we start thinking negative thoughts? This happens to all of us from time to time. You may be in a very stressful situation and find you are thinking the worst case scenario instead of thinking positively. While you are thinking negatively, you start getting a lot of emotions over those thoughts. You begin to panic. Your heart races. You start thinking of things imagined that could happen. You become irrational. What can you do in this situation? At this time you will need to stop yourself, remind yourself of the Law of Attraction, and get your thinking back on track.

A great way to stop the process of thinking negatively, and get your thoughts back to where they should be when experiencing something traumatic in your life, would be to stop and think out the situation. You don’t know what will happen. You only know what has happened. So why are you getting all crazy over something that hasn’t even happened yet? Evaluate your present thoughts and think of what your next thought will be. You will find that your next thought will probably take you into a more level headed feeling instead of outright lunatic. By thinking of your next thought, you will find your mind going away from the bad thoughts and you will quickly snap out of that thought pattern you are in.

As stated in this chapter, thoughts are dangerous, because they can lead you to get whatever you think. When you think, you vibrate to it; the universe receives your transmission and delivers. If you aren’t careful, you may not like what you get back.


Understanding Karma

Based on the previous chapter, the law of karma relates to cause and effect. But some people believe it relates to fate or predestination. However, this is not the case. Karma means action. It means to do something, but the action specified here is not mechanical action. It is not unconscious or involuntary action. It is an intentional, conscious, deliberate, willful action. How is this possible? It is because every action must, no matter what, have a reaction.

So, based on the law of karma, when we do an act that is intentional, we reap the results or effect, either good or bad. Thereby, if we do an act of kindness, the effect or result will be some kind of kindness.

There are occasions where there is a delayed result. If this happens we don’t know if the action is wholesome or unwholesome, at least till the result has been satisfied. Until then the cause can be wholesome momentarily until the result appears, at which the cause may now be changed to an unwholesome cause instead.

According to karma, there are three doors of action. These three doors are body, speech, and mind. If we break these down into groups, we have three unwholesome actions we must avoid for each group. When we start with body, the three actions we must avoid are killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct. As for speech, we must avoid four unwholesome actions. These are lying, slander, harsh speech, and malicious gossip. In the final group, which is mind, there are three unwholesome actions to avoid. These are greed, anger, and delusion.

If you avoid all ten unwholesome actions, you will avoid the consequences that result from doing them. The reason you need to avoid the unwholesome actions is that they only cause suffering for those who are at the recipients of the actions.

This is why those who do bad things continue to do bad things. In their minds, this is all they know. The root cause of their badness is in the thoughts they have for themselves and the way they carry themselves.

Whereas, those who are good and upright people, and practice this on an everyday basis, always have good coming back to them.

The old saying “what goes around comes around” is very true. This is also part of the laws of attraction and karma. To accept these laws, you accept the universal laws as set up by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Act in harmony with them and you will do well; act against them and you will suffer.

The Law of Vibration

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you have to vibrate to it. How does this vibration work? In order to vibrate to something you must have positive thoughts. If you don’t, you won’t get what you are striving for.

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you will vibrate toward what you wish to achieve. If you have any slight negativity, worry, or are unsure in the slightest degree, this doubting or negative energy can inhibit you from accomplishing your task, unless you stop them immediately and focus on positive thoughts.

Let’s say you are looking to get a million dollars. You visualize a check for that amount coming to you. The only problem is you have a slight doubt in your mind you will get it. What will happen? Nothing. You won’t get it because you did not vibrate to it. You did not hold the belief that you would get it and did not have a positive attitude about it.

The premise here is that if you aren’t sure you want something and you have slight doubts about it, you won’t get it because you are not in vibration to it. You are focusing on what you do not want instead of on what you do want.

The Law of Vibration starts that everything in life moves or vibrates. There is nothing that sits idle, even for a second. Everything in life is in a constant state of motion. Look in a microscope at an atom and you will see protons and electrons moving in a circle around a neutron. No matter what it is, it is energy and energy is in constant motion.

Everything that vibrates does so at a certain rate. This rate is known as its frequency. The higher the frequency, the more potent the force will be. Thought is considered the highest form of vibration therefore it has the highest frequency. Being the highest frequency, it is considered as a powerful force in the universe.

To understand the Law of Attraction correctly, and be in more harmony with it, we must also understand the Law of Vibration.

The meaning of vibration can be considered as a moving backwards and forwards. It also can mean to oscillate, quiver, or swing. A perfect way to rationalize on this concept, think about this. If you stick your arm out straight and keep it perfectly still, you will notice no movement. You will notice your arm not moving, but what you don’t realize is that under that skin of your arm, the electrons that are contained therein are moving on a steady basis. And they are moving at a speed of about 186,300 miles per second.

Although the arm appears still, it really is in a constant state of motion. You can’t see this happening because your eyes can’t pick up such minute particles of matter. You can only see this happening if you had a powerful microscope to view it.

Now take a second and vibrate or shake your arm around. Your arm was already vibrating on its own, but you have stepped up the vibration or assisted it to become stronger. The vibrating energy of your arm has increased dramatically.

Those who think positively are in a good state of vibration. Because they are in a good or positive state of vibration, good things will always come to them.

They will always attract positive things or personalities. But those thinking negative would be vibrating negative energy. This is because they dwell on the bad and all that is pessimistic. As such, they will vibrate negativity. And because they vibrate negativity, they will attract anything negative in their lives. This means they will attract trouble, anguish, fear, rage, or whatever negative emotion is available.

If you want to control the results you get, you must control what you vibrate to. This means controlling your thoughts because you only vibrate to the thoughts you have. If you don’t get what you want in your life, this is because you are ignorant of what you want. Or you are ignorant to the Law of Vibration. In electronics (if you know electronics – if not just play along), there are electromagnetic fields. If there are two electromagnetic fields working together, they are working in harmony or in resonance. When this occurs, the vibrating rate can easily be transferred from one to the other by way of electrons. The best way to describe this is by providing an example. Let’s say you have a glass sitting on a table. There is a lady singing nearby. She hits a certain high note that cracks the glass; but no other note cracked that glass. Only that one frequency cracked it because the two frequencies were in resonance. The frequency of the lady’s voice was the same as the frequency of the magnetic field surrounding the glass. See my point?

The same thing happens to your thoughts. When you think of something, and vibrate to it, you are creating a frequency. That frequency goes out into the universe and reaches an object that also vibrates at that same frequency. When this happens, the two are in synch. The electromagnetic waves your brain creates from your thoughts vibrate to the exact energy level as the thing or object that is in the universe you ask for. By concentrating on these though patterns, you increase the energy level of those thoughts and therefore the thoughts become more potent.

Remember when you practice the Law of Attraction; you must inculcate the Law of Vibration. The two go hand in hand. There is no separation of the two. When you practice one, you also practice the other.

Ano Ang Pwedeng Mangyari Sa Halagang Php.2000.00 Pesos na Puhanan sa Isang Online Business?

Let's read  this music lyrics of  Mangarap Ka. By: Wency Cornejo.

Mangarap Ka
AfterImage - Wency Cornejo

Simulan mo sa pangarap ang iyong minimithi
At ito'y iyong dalhin
Itanim mo sa puso mo ito ay lalaki
Ikaw rin ang aani.
Hayaan mong lumipad ang isip sa lawak ng langit
Bitui'y umaawit at ito'y nagsasabing...
Mangarap ka, mangarap ka
Dinggin ang tawag ng iyong dugo
Umahon ka, umahon ka
Mula sa putik ng iyong mundo.
Simulan mo sa pangarap ang iyong minimithi
At ito'y iyong dalhin.
Bawat panaginip na taglay ng yong isip
Palayain mo at ilipad tungong langit

MANGARAP KA... Ang ganda, ang sarap mangarap, at lalo na maging katotohanan ang iyong mga pangarap at may kasama ka sa pagtupad ng iyong mga pangarap, para sa sarili mo, para sa pamilya mo. subalit, datapwat, minsan hindi mo alam kung kailan, paano, o may katuparan pa ba ang mga pangarap na nasa iyong isipan. sapagkat maraming kulang, gaya ng pera, resources, helping hand, your personal will minsan hindi sapat, at ikaw ay magtatanung ano ba ang tama kung gawin para matupad ang aking mga pangarap na matulungan una ang aking sarili, para makatulong ako sa aking pamilya, pananampalatayang aking kinabibilangan, sa community, at sa lahat na karapat dapat na tulungan.

Bilang isang tao, mayroon tayong mga pangangailangan, tinatawag na basic needs like food, water, shelter, and clothing, at syempre may mga buwanang dalaw si Judith. Judith sa kuryente, Judith sa tubig, bahay at kung ano-ano pa. Para matustusan natin ang mga ating mga pangangailangan sa buhay. We need of course a better source of income that will sustain us every month.
Sa ginawang survey ng National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) for ideal monthly income for family of 4? para sa apat lamang na myembro ng pamilya, pero paano kung mas marami kayo sa pamilya. kinakailangan daw po na tayo ay kumikita ng nagkakahalagang Php.120.000.00 sa bawat buwan.

What's ideal monthly income for family of 4? MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino household of 4 should have a gross monthly income of P120,000 to live a "simple, comfortable life," which entails owning a car and a medium-sized house, traveling occasionally, as well as sending 2 children to college, a survey conducted by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

Yan po, hindi po talaga madali kumita ng pera, pero dahil sa ating pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga sa ating pamilya kahit ano, basta legal ay gagawin natin, alang-alang sa ating pamilya., lalo na ngayon maraming uuwi na OFW galing Middle East dahil sa nangyayaring gera.

Kaya kinakailangan talaga nating kumayod, manalangin, maghanap ng pagkakakitaan dito sa Pinas. Sabi nga kung tulong-tulong, kayang-kaya. Kaya kung sino ang may kakayahang mag provide ng tunay at dikalidad na oportunidad sa bawat isa ay maraming-maraming salamat.

Speaking of pagkakakitaan gusto kung ishare sa iyo, at gamitin ang iyong sariling decission at paghukom kung itong opportunidad na ito ay para sa iyo at handa mong gawin para makuha mo ang nais mong resulta at nandidito kami para sumoporta bilang iyong mga team mates. Handa ka na ba? kung handa ka na heto ang ilan na pwede mong pagkakitaan, at marami pang darating na oportunidad na pwedeng pagkakitaan sa IWATCH.PH ONLINE BUSINESS na may website sa ang una tinawatawag na.

Once na nagregister ka for FREE, makakatanggap ka kaagad ng free 50 iTokens and 50 iCredits
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QUESTIONS? Ano ba ang iToken?
ANSWER: Ang iToken ay isang ticket para makapanuod ka ng isang commercial or advertisement. 1 iToken is equivalent to 1 Commercial video. Once na natapos mong panoorin ang isang commercial makakatanggap ka kaagad ng 10pesos.

Example 50 iTokens - 10pesos each x 50 iTokens = Php.500
QUESTIONS Ano naman ang iCredit?
ANSWER: Ang iCredit ay isa ring ticket pero this time para makapag share, makapag subscribe, makapag like, or makapag click ng different website. 1 iCredit is equivalent to 1 peso.

Example 50 iCredits - 1peso each x 50 iCredits = Php.50

1. For Free Registration:
You will get 50 iTokens and 50 iCredits = Php.550.00.
2. Upon Account Activation
You will get Php.1400 worth of products.

Business Investment = Php.1,888.00
You will get 50 iTokens and 50 iCredits= Php.  550.00
Worth of Products = Php.  1,400,00
= Php.1,400,00 + Php. 550.00 = Php.1,950

Sa unang kitaan palang bawi na agad ang puhunan mo, at kung interesado kang simulan ang business na ito, tulad ko, you can text me or e-message mo ako sa aking Fb,at marami ka pang magagandang matutunan at malalaman, dahil sa team ko walang iwanan, (iJuan-an)kailangan nagtutulungan sa pagunlad, at may pagkakaisa sa layunin.

Ano Ang Pwedeng Mangyari Sa Halagang Php.2000.00 Pesos na Puhanan sa Isang Online Business. may sukli pa....?

Once na member ka na ni iWatch.PH, magkakaroon ka ng 50% lifetime discount on all available products of our company. For example, Php.280.00 Pesos ang ating executive soap. Makukuha mo nalang ang products sa halagang Php.140.00 Pesos at once naibenta mo ito kikita ka ng 100% na Php.140.00 Pesos.

So dito sa pangalawang kitaan na magiging business mo, pwede kang magbenta ng sabon sa mga kaibigan at kakilala mo, at gayundin sa online, dahil dito sa ating bansa mabili ang mga sabong nagpapaganda at nagpapaputi sa isang tao. kung narinig mo sa mga balita sa T.V. they sale soap only online at sila ay naging milyonaryo sa isang produkto lamang. ANG SABONG PAMPAGANDA AT PAMPAPUTI.Dahil tayong mga Pilipino gusto natin maganda at maputi at gwapo. hehehe.....

Example Equation
Company Price: Php.280.00
You will get:  Php.140.00
Your Profit:   Php.140.00 (50%)

Ang package entry payment mo na Php.1.888.00 ay magseserve din as reservation fee mo sa ating iFoodcart business. Meaning, kapag naisipan mong magkaroon ng own ifoodcart business, ang total  payment mo sa package entry ay maleless rin sa total price ng ating iFoodcart franchise.

Ang price nag iFoodcart Franchise natin is Php.69,999.00 dahil meron kang 1 account, worth Php.
1,888.00 magiging Php.68,111.00 nalang ang foodcart franchise mo. Kapag nag 3 accounts ka naman , magiging Php.64,335.00 nalang ang franchise Foodcart fee mo!

Once na naging official iWatcher ka na, maaari ka naring maging isang agent ng ating iFoodcart
franchising! Everytime na may mabebenta or makakaclose deal ka sa ating iFoodcart, magkakaroon ka ng 5% commission! Meaning php.3500.00 per iFoodcart ang makukuha mo imagine kung makapag deal ka ng 10 iFoodcarts, kikita ka kaagad ng Php.35,000.00 pesos!

Dito, connected po ang iWatch.PH account mo sa ating iFoodcart, ang good news dito, kikita ng 2%
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Once na naging official iWatcher ka na, magkakaroon ka rin ng sarili mong referral link sa ating e-
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Maari ka ring mag supply ng own product mo sa ating iShop, na kung saan magkkakaroon ka ng guaranteed advertisers dahil lahat ng iWatchers ay kinakalat ang link nila sa iShop. Meaning mas makikilala ang products mo through iShop and iWatch for free.

Everytime na may marerefer ka sa iWatch.PH na mag papadvertise sa platform natin, kikita ka ng 10% commission sa total payment na binayad nila.
Example may kakilala kang gusto magkaroon ng guaranteed views ng videos nila, guaranteed subscriber ng youtube channel nila, and guaranteed share ng post nila pwede mo ito ilapit sa company natin at kikita ka ng 10% Commission!

Maaari kang makakuha ng bonuses and incentives galing sa company depende sa performance and activeness mo. Like samsung j7, Lenovo laptop, trip to boracay at marami pang iba!

yan po yung sinasabing pag may tyaga, may nilaga o kaya sa ating panahon ngayon SIPAG MO... PREMYO MO...

At kung nais mong simulan ang busines na ito sa lalong madaling panahon, maari mo akong kontakin sa aking personal facebook at e-message mo ako. or text me to

At ngayong palamang ay nagpapasalamat ako sa iyo, dahil sa time na binigay mo, at lalong-lalo na sa maganda mong hangarin magkaroon ng karadagang pagkakakitaan para sa iyo at mahal mong pamilya.

Hanggang dito na lamang, at masaya ako maging kasapi ka sa aming team,. hanggang sa muli,

Thank You and More Blessing,


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