The Law of Allowing

You just thought about something you wanted. You have used the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration, and all the other universal laws to request what you want. Now you need to complete the cycle and use the Law of Allowing to permeate your very being, which will in turn accomplish the feat you set out and will achieve what you wished on from the beginning.

Think about this fact. Everything in the universe is composed of energy, as you probably are already aware. This energy works in cycles. If you studied electronics, you will understand this more fully. Basically, AC or alternating current is composed of a cycle of electrons that start from zero or neutral, goes into the positive cycle, then dips down into the negative part of the cycle, then it comes back to neutral again. This is the way energy works as well. It is in a constant cycle or vibration.

If you wish to complete the process of the Laws of the Universe, you must use the Law of Allowing to complete the cycle of Attraction. This is where the cycle of energy comes in. When you use your thoughts to manifest something in your life, you are in fact telling the universe what you want. You put feelings and emotions into it. You vibrate to it. It becomes a part of you. Every ounce of your very being is tuned into it. Now, to complete the cycle of energy flow, you must complete the circuit by allowing the results to occur for you. You must intent it to come to you unrestricted.

This is why some people seem to get what they want while others do not.

The people, who do get what they want, use all the Laws of the Universe in precisely the right way. They are not only tuned into their own thoughts and feelings, but they feel it in their soul. They vibrate to it and they acknowledge it as already being a part of them. They send out the signal to the universe that they are one with what they want and are claiming that they are allowing themselves to receive it without doubt, fear, or worry. This, my friends, is what you need to do if you want to get what you want.

The Law of Allowing will work for you if you let it. What you must agree on is that you are worthy to receive your gift. That you are worthy to receive the prize you are after.

The problem with this world is there are just too many instances of anti this or anti that. People are constantly pushing things away. They are saying no to drugs, no to smoking, no to this or no to that. They are saying no to war, no to violence, and no to everything else. What people don’t seem to realize is that the Law of Attraction states that what you think about or wish for you will receive. If you think about war, you’ll see more war. If you think about drugs, you’ll see more drugs. The fact is, you are allowing these things into your life, and this is why you are seeing it.

No wonder people are constantly complaining that they don’t have anything. They can’t make ends meet. They can’t get ahead in life. They can’t do this. They can’t do that. For every can’t there is another creation that is born. If you say you can’t afford this because you don’t have enough money, you are telling the universe in fact that you don’t have any money. Well guess what? The universe hears you and obeys. Your wish is my command and you get what you wish for. You are allowing poverty in your life and this is why you don’t have abundance.

So how can you change this? How can you reverse this and become more abundant in your life? Simple. Just intent it. You have to think about what you want, not what you don’t want. If you wish for more money, intent it. Don’t go around saying you can’t afford something. You are telling the universe that you can’t afford it. Therefore, you won’t get the money you want. But if you switch that around and tell the universe that you do want it, that you do have the money, the universe will respond and give it to you. It is that simple.

The bottom line here is that you must remember to use all the Laws of the Universe if you expect to get what you want. You must complete the cycle of energy in order to complete the circuit between you and the universe. You are the power source and the universe is the component part of the circuit. The path will flow but it will stop with the universe if you do not have a complete path for the energy to return. This means you must use the Law of Allowing to accept what you wish for. This will complete the path back to you and you will receive what you wished for. You in fact, sent your energy to the component, and the component responded by turning on. It then sent the energy back to you to complete the circuit and to tell you everything is working on all cylinders.

This is the way the Law of Allowing works. If you work in harmony with it, focus your energy the right way, and tell the universe you want it and are ready to receive it, you will get it.

The best way to practice the Law of Allowing is by simply saying “yes” to things you receive in your life. If someone says something nice to you, say “thanks.” You are telling the person you are allowing his comments to be received. If someone gives you a gift, say “thanks.” You are telling the universe and the person that you are allowing yourself to receive the gift. You need to do this with everything in life that you want to receive. Of course, if you don’t want something, you politely say “no” to it. But be careful here. What you say “no” to may benefit you in the long run later. So be sure that you think about it before you say “no.” In one form or fashion, you just may need that situation or product or whatever it is you are saying “no” to.

To fully understand the Law of Allowing, you have to look at it from the standpoint of resistance. If you resist something, you will not get it. That is as simple an explanation as you can have. When you use the Law of Allowing, you are saying that you have no resistance to what you want and the flow of energy will be easy and direct. There will be no stumbling blocks.


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