The Law of Love

Love is another universal law that we must adhere to. In the beginning of time God showed his love by creating Adam and Eve. He then later showed his love by allowing his son Jesus to come to earth to die for our sins. That was the greatest show of love of all time. God also showed love when he created man, and in his likeness. Therefore, humans are capable of showing and receiving love.

There are different levels of love that God created. But the one main feature of the Law of Love is that if we give love, we get love back. This is true in many cases. If we fall in love with someone, they in turn fall in love with us. When we fall in love, we don’t expect them to love us in return, although we would like them to. No, we love them for who they are.

We can show we are in turned into this law of the universe by simply doing the following:

· Recognize and accept that we are love as created by God.

· Show love to others. Be gentle and show respect to others in the way we speak, think, and in our actions.

· Don’t let your ego get in the way of loving others.

· Treat the ones closet to you with dignity and respect. Above all else, show love to them. Don’t let any issues interfere in your love with your closet companion.

· Always be centered and connected with your inner being or spirit, whichever you prefer to call it. · When you love others, do so unconditionally. Do not accept or expect love in return. Love others as they grow in spirit and in personal growth.

· Keep your lines of communication open with your inner self and with others. And do not forsake the thought or idea to display love to others.

The above points really sum up the Law of Love. Actually, life itself shows God’s love. If we embrace it, grow with it, and get connected to it, we can have plenty of abundance in our lives. Even the Law of Love goes to the Law of Attraction. God’s love for humanity is so strong that he is willing to give us what we ask for. We just have to ask in love and accept it when it comes to us.


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