The Law of Vibration

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you have to vibrate to it. How does this vibration work? In order to vibrate to something you must have positive thoughts. If you don’t, you won’t get what you are striving for.

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you will vibrate toward what you wish to achieve. If you have any slight negativity, worry, or are unsure in the slightest degree, this doubting or negative energy can inhibit you from accomplishing your task, unless you stop them immediately and focus on positive thoughts.

Let’s say you are looking to get a million dollars. You visualize a check for that amount coming to you. The only problem is you have a slight doubt in your mind you will get it. What will happen? Nothing. You won’t get it because you did not vibrate to it. You did not hold the belief that you would get it and did not have a positive attitude about it.

The premise here is that if you aren’t sure you want something and you have slight doubts about it, you won’t get it because you are not in vibration to it. You are focusing on what you do not want instead of on what you do want.

The Law of Vibration starts that everything in life moves or vibrates. There is nothing that sits idle, even for a second. Everything in life is in a constant state of motion. Look in a microscope at an atom and you will see protons and electrons moving in a circle around a neutron. No matter what it is, it is energy and energy is in constant motion.

Everything that vibrates does so at a certain rate. This rate is known as its frequency. The higher the frequency, the more potent the force will be. Thought is considered the highest form of vibration therefore it has the highest frequency. Being the highest frequency, it is considered as a powerful force in the universe.

To understand the Law of Attraction correctly, and be in more harmony with it, we must also understand the Law of Vibration.

The meaning of vibration can be considered as a moving backwards and forwards. It also can mean to oscillate, quiver, or swing. A perfect way to rationalize on this concept, think about this. If you stick your arm out straight and keep it perfectly still, you will notice no movement. You will notice your arm not moving, but what you don’t realize is that under that skin of your arm, the electrons that are contained therein are moving on a steady basis. And they are moving at a speed of about 186,300 miles per second.

Although the arm appears still, it really is in a constant state of motion. You can’t see this happening because your eyes can’t pick up such minute particles of matter. You can only see this happening if you had a powerful microscope to view it.

Now take a second and vibrate or shake your arm around. Your arm was already vibrating on its own, but you have stepped up the vibration or assisted it to become stronger. The vibrating energy of your arm has increased dramatically.

Those who think positively are in a good state of vibration. Because they are in a good or positive state of vibration, good things will always come to them.

They will always attract positive things or personalities. But those thinking negative would be vibrating negative energy. This is because they dwell on the bad and all that is pessimistic. As such, they will vibrate negativity. And because they vibrate negativity, they will attract anything negative in their lives. This means they will attract trouble, anguish, fear, rage, or whatever negative emotion is available.

If you want to control the results you get, you must control what you vibrate to. This means controlling your thoughts because you only vibrate to the thoughts you have. If you don’t get what you want in your life, this is because you are ignorant of what you want. Or you are ignorant to the Law of Vibration. In electronics (if you know electronics – if not just play along), there are electromagnetic fields. If there are two electromagnetic fields working together, they are working in harmony or in resonance. When this occurs, the vibrating rate can easily be transferred from one to the other by way of electrons. The best way to describe this is by providing an example. Let’s say you have a glass sitting on a table. There is a lady singing nearby. She hits a certain high note that cracks the glass; but no other note cracked that glass. Only that one frequency cracked it because the two frequencies were in resonance. The frequency of the lady’s voice was the same as the frequency of the magnetic field surrounding the glass. See my point?

The same thing happens to your thoughts. When you think of something, and vibrate to it, you are creating a frequency. That frequency goes out into the universe and reaches an object that also vibrates at that same frequency. When this happens, the two are in synch. The electromagnetic waves your brain creates from your thoughts vibrate to the exact energy level as the thing or object that is in the universe you ask for. By concentrating on these though patterns, you increase the energy level of those thoughts and therefore the thoughts become more potent.

Remember when you practice the Law of Attraction; you must inculcate the Law of Vibration. The two go hand in hand. There is no separation of the two. When you practice one, you also practice the other.


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