Transformation Taking Place Now

The way you handle this very moment might mean nothing for you today, but in reality, each present moment is an opportunity to change your life. It all starts with one decision.  

Maybe you’re now reading this book and wondering if you could learn how to play the guitar. It’s only in this present moment that you can decide to stop reading and head to a music store, buy a guitar and start learning.  

In the very same moment you might glance at a bag of chips on your lap and instead of finishing it off, close it and put it in the trash.  

When you’re going about your day, each little choice subtly affects your future. Each repetition of a negative habit reinforces it, while each repetition of a positive habit makes it more likely you’ll engage in it again in the future.  

Personal transformation doesn’t happen in the future it’s happening now. How are you making sure that you’re transforming in the right direction?


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