Avoid Online Marketing Scam

1 Many Upsells
​Whenever you are deciding to join any programs or training, do some research to know whether there are any upsells.

Most online marketing scams have multiple upsells because that's one of the best ways for the creator of the products to make more money from each of the customer.​

2 Empty Promises
​"Earn $1000 by the end of the week with this proven system", "Make a full-time income online in a month just by following this simple trick", "You don't have to do anything and your business will run on automation"...

3 ​Contradicting Information
​If the creator of the product is focusing on his own earnings, then he will tend to have sales pitches, just like in the previous point, to attract people.

4 ​Lavish Pictures
If you have been searching about "how to make money online", you've probably come across some promotional advertisements that feature the flashy sports cars, luxurious mansions and lifestyle of someone.

And that person wants to show off his or her lifestyle in order to attract you and make money from you.​ This trick is very common and I've been seeing them all around the Internet.​

5 Outcome Focused​ - Full of Hype!
​In online marketing business, it's easy to attract people by showing the outcome of a certain product or training.

Many people like to show screenshots after screenshots of their paycheck or their income report.​ Another common way is to have a lot of hype about how the person's life have changed dramatically because of this product.

6 High Ticket Programs
​Charging customers a lot for something doesn't make it a scam. But, charging a lot of money by taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge and information is.

There's always information gaps and imperfect information in the world regardless of which market or industry. Experts like to take advantage of this and ask for a huge amount of money for this information.​

7 Pyramid Scheme
​A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.

8 Limited Time Offer
​This is a technique that marketers use to boost sales by imposing some invisible force - limited time offer or limited availability.

​If you are a businessman, you know this very clear that it's just a way to sell more in a short period of time and earn more money.

it's a technique many scammers use to boost sales for their low quality scammy products.

It's just a sign for you to consider in addition to all other signs of a scam.


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