The Experiment of My Professor

During the last lesson by a professor before his students graduated, he showed them an experiment.

He took a glass container and added water into it. He said, " This is water under room temperature. If you pour it into a stream, it can flow towards the big river and then together with a lot of water, it can flow into the big sea."

Then, he put the container with water into the refrigerator and after a while, part of the water in the container became ice. The professor said, " Below 0 degree Celsius, the water becomes ice. Ice is another state of water but when it becomes ice, it can no longer flow."

Next, he heated the container using an alcohol stove. the container becomes ice and melted. There was steam above the container.

Soon after, all the water in the container has evaporated. The professor turned off the alcohol stove and asked the students,"Where did the water go?" The students were puzzled and they did not know why the professor asked such a simple question.

The professor looked at the students who were reluctant to answer, and replied,"Where did the water go? They evaporated into the air and flowed into the wide sky." "Perhaps you may think that it's an easy experiment, but it's not as simple as you think!"

The professor explained," Water has 3 states. Our life also has 3 states. The states of water are determined by the temperature and the states of our lives are also determined by the temperature in our hearts. If a person treats life with a temperature of 0 degree Celsius, the state of his life will be like ice and his life is about the same as the space he is standing. If a person treats life normally, it's like the state of water and he can flow into the big river and sea but he will never leave the land. If a person treats life as 100 degree Celsius, he can fly up high and he will not only have the land but also the sky and his world will be as big as the universe."

The students answered in unison, "This is not a simple experiment!"

"If you treat your life with a temperature of 100 degree Celsius, your life will be very big, this is the purpose of my experiment." The professor answered.


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